Inspiration 4 Life Thanksgiving Blessing 2014

This has been a super tough year for me but God has been so good in taking care of me and my family. I never doubted the Lord and knew he would come through every time, even in the toughest situations of my life. I have been blessed with my family, my friends and my incredible team.

Today, for the 4th year in row, we had our amazing Sponsor Standard Aero come by our home to drop off full Thanksgiving meal kits to bless families in need, in our Communities. We are now going on our 6th Year for our Thanksgiving Blessing and our Inspiration 4 Life Team is always here to help in every situation.

Just like I would never want my family to ever be without food, it hurts me to know that some families are sometimes without food. This year we were blessed with 45 meal kits to help families for Thanksgiving. I want to thank Brandy Lopez, Susy Williams, Tomisha Terry, Isaac Anaya, our Inspiration 4 Life Royal Ambassadors and my loving family for helping to Bless families this Thanksgiving!! We all love to see happy families and smiles on their faces. That’s the main joy of all of our giving back and all having the Heart of Gold. Thank you Standard Aero!! Get Inspired! Be Inspired! Stay Inspired!

Here is the link from our Thanksgiving Blessing.


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