Day 5: Family time and Inspired to Walk Program Day!

Hi there everyone!!! How are you all doing? I pray you are all well and blessed. Today was a super wonderful day! My Husband was off from work today, so I was able to spend some quality time with him. I was so excited for breakfast this morning!!!! Fresh, homemade breakfast that is!!!! Egg whites with turkey bacon, whole wheat toast, fresh fruit and some OJ! It was so good!

Today we were going to open up our Studio for some customers to come and visit our Art Studio but we decided to spend our lunch time taking lunch to my daughter Amanda and her BFF Anfernee! We also surprised my daughter Jazzy and stopped by to have lunch with her at school. Today was all about family time. My step-daughter also needed some help, so we went ahead and picked up my step-grandson and spent the day with him. =) He is so cute!!!!

For lunch I really wanted some soup. I had chicken breast in broth with avocado slices, homemade corn tortillas and some unsweet tea with lemon. It was very good! =)

So far, family time and great food!!!!  Now for Inspired to Walk Program! I had my great friends Crystal Vargas of West San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and Stephanie Chavez of Kick Start CPR join me for some fun walking and exercise!!! We made the best of it and had so much fun. I am involved with a lot of health, fitness and wellness in the communities of San Antonio and the Inspired to Walk Program is simply getting others “Inspired to Walk”  We did 2.66 miles at the lovely King William River Train in San Antonio.  We plan on doing this every Wednesday around 4:30pm. You can contact me for more information.

Dinner: Lean steak, sweet potato, salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, cranberries, with light dressing and avocado slices. Diet Green Tea =)


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