Day 3: Back on Track!

Day 3 of my 2012 Health, Fitness, Wellness and all aspects of Life Journey going well! I had to get up this morning at 5am to drop off my Husband at work and I was still a bit under the weather. As soon as I came home, I rested for a bit, but had to get back up to take my daughter to school. Once I returned home from dropping her off, I took some medication and rested for a few more hours, just to make sure I would be o.k. to go to my meetings and train my clients.

I decided to give myself another day of body rest before I do any kind of Fitness Training for myself. Although, I did make time to go for a walk at my favorite place in San Antonio, the King William River Trail.

I was very excited to get back to work and Trained my client Stephanie Carrillo today! She did amazing. I am also excited to be highlighting her progress as well. Today was her 1st day of training for 2012.

For Lunch today I had turkey slices, slice of avocado, salad with veggies and water. ย For my snack, I had 12 almonds, protein shake and a few whole wheat crackers to ease my stomach. For dinner I had some salmon, grilled veggies, slice of avocado and water.

I actually finally felt hungry today versus this past week that I was not feeling well. This is a very good sign. I am now also looking to see what supplements I will start taking as well. =) Hmmm, I wonder. =)

Well, it feels good to be back on track and I will be back tomorrow and tell you how my day goes! Talk to you soon and be blessed!


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