Day 1: Happy New Year and many Blessings for 2012 to All! It time to Get Inspired! Be Inspired! Stay Inspired!

This scripture is a beautiful way to start the 1st day of 2012! Never let anything stop you from getting to where you need to be! I encourage you to tell the Lord exactly what you are wanting for 2012 and Claim it! You will be victorious in whatever the Lord has called you to do. “If you have faith as a grain of a mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain, Remove Youself and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible for You” I pray everyone will have a Blessed 2012 and Happy New Year to All!

Today also marks my 1st day of my Health, Fitness, Wellness and All Aspects of Life Journey for 2012. I will be Inspired to carry out my Mission, Vision, Purpose and all that I am called to do. As you can see, this blog has been around since 2010, has collected some dust and now I am bringing back to life! I have been through the best times of my life, the worst times of my life, the wierdest times of my life, the toughest times of my life, but best of all, the most inspired times of my life. It has been through Inspiration of my Faith, continued prayers, spending time in prayer, my husband, my daughters, family and inspirational friends.

I encourage you to go through my blog and check out my past journey from the KSAT 12 Fit for Life Challenge. It has changed my life. You can also see all of the great things Inspiration 4 Life has done. As you can see, Inspiration 4 Life has grown and taking new heights for 2012 as well.

It’s time to Get Inspired! Be Inspired! Stay Inspired!

Let’s do this!!!! From my Heart to Yours, Rita


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