To all my new KSAT 12 Fit for Life friends…Way to go!

I want to wish everyone the best for tomorrows obstacle course and final weigh in. We have all come a long way to get where we are at today! No matter who wins, you are all winners to me! Just going through this Fitness Journey was hard enough and to make sure we make this part of our lives every single day was extrememly challenging. It is awesome to hear that many of us are going to continue our Fitness Journey’s and I am proud of every single one of you!  I plan to have an end of the year event for Inspiration 4 Life and I would like every single one of you to be part of it. The end of the year event will be celebrating Local Heroes of Inspiration for SA! You are all inspirations to me. Through Inspiration 4 Life, we will be doing a lot of guest speaking, free health, fitness and wellness and helping the communities and families of SA, with many of the same journeys we went through and so much more. My Faith is what carried me through this whole journey and our testimonies of hope and inspiration, can help save lives. If you would like to be part of Prject Hope and Inspiration for Inspiration 4 Life, let me know. Once again, let’s all stay in touch and we will always be part of each others lives, till the end of our days. Because we are all now extremely healthy. =) Remember, Fit for Life Contestants 2010….We Are Family! Love you All! Rita


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