Come and be Part of Helping out SA with Inspiration 4 Life Organization and Chick-fil-A Brooks City Base Landing (School Uniform Drive)

 Inspiration 4 Life Organization Presents a Back to School Uniform Drive (New or Used Uniforms) For the Children of SA and Nurses Clinics of SAISD!

Saturday Aug. 28, 2010

From 12-4pm (patio area)

Music: DJ Rage

Photography by: Focus One Media

Prize Giveaways from Chick-fil-A

& Elite Fitness and Wellness

Drop Off Location

Sponsor: Chick-fil-A

Brooks City Base Landing

3214 SE Military

SA, Tx 78223

Contact Rita Hernandez-Founder

210-544-4584 or 210-364-8531

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Inspiration 4 Life Organization at Youth Outreach Explosion with DJ Sermon.

Thank You DJ Sermon for having Inspiration 4 Life Organization as part of your event! It was a true blessing to allow us to let everyone know who we are and what we are all about. Our mission is to help others in SA and be a true Inspiration for our communities in SA, in all aspects of Life!  Our website is almost done, but stay tuned for an amazing website provided by Provincia Consulting.

Here are some pictures of this amazing event and was totally Inspirational. Once again, it was an Honor to be part of this event.  Thank you to Inspiration 4 Life Members and my Family for also being part of this event. Love you Corina, Cynthia, my Husband Blas, my daughters Meagan and Jazz, my son Jon Michael and Grandson Sylus!

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Wow! Finally some pictures from the KSAT 12 Fit for Life Challenge with Anytime Fitness and Contestants 2010! We are all WINNERS!

Here are some pictures from all of my favorite people in SA! I have some with my Trainer Meagan, Melissa with KSAT 12, my buddy Bruce-the Camera Guy and Jasmines IPhone buddy. Lol. We also have Doug Beams, Owner of the Anytime Fitness on Dezavala, I Trained at.  There are candid shots of contestants and one with me and Adam McManus. I also had some pitures taken of me during my Interview and during my Measurements. That was the fun part. =) I loved that I had my Cheerleader and baby girl, Jasmine there with me. On the last picture of the slideshow we have the WINNERS of the KSAT 12 Fit for Life Challenge 2010. 1st Place went to Amber, 2nd Place went to Kevin and 3rd place went to Me, Rita. =)  We all had a GREAT and fabulous time. It was so worth our Fitness Journey’s. I loved every moment of this Competition and would do it again in a heart beat. =) I love every single one you involved!

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Taking time out for family walk in King William

My husband tells me they opened the bridge by Brackenrige High School, the school I went to back in 93, so we decide to take a family walk on this awesome new path, on the SA River in the King William area. I will keep you with updates on cool new spots and walking trails. I will also post some ahead of time, so that if you would like to join me, come on over! Inspiration 4 Life will be doing many free fun fitness events, so stay tuned. =)

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Stay in Touch with Inspiration 4 Life because we will always be Fit for Life!

I am sad to say, that tomorrow is my last day for the KSAT 12 Fit for Life Challenge with Anytime Fitness, only because I will miss our obstacle courses and community challenges. =) I want to thank everyone who followed me on my Fitness Journey, as well as the other 26 contestants. We all had a blast! Like I said before, everyone is a winner to me.

I will continue to keep up with my Blogs because I have now set some new Fitness goals for myself and for my Organization, Inspiration 4 Life. So, please continue to keep following my journey.  My fitness goal is to go into Figure Competition, with my Trainer, Meagan. I still have a long way to go, so this is why it will not end here for me! If you would like some more information about Figure Competition, let me know and we can chat. =)

If you would like to be part of and join, Inspiraiton 4 Life, you can send me a message. It is Free to join our Organization. We have monthly meetings and events for the community. The main website is still under construction, but you can soon go to  I am proud to say, that we will be partnering up with many Organizations in SA to help each other out with what we believe in.  Stay tuned for Free Fitness Bootcamps, Free Faith Fitness-Praise Dance, Zumba, Seminars, Chair Massages for Wellness and much more! We are not just about health, fitness and wellness, we are about Inspiration on all aspects of life.  God Bless!

Join Team Inspiration 4 Life Organization for the American Heart Association Heart Walk in November!

Just because our community challenge for the KSAT 12 Fit for Life Challenge ends on Monday, Aug. 9th,  Team Inspiration 4 Life will continue to keep taking on new Team Members and donations for the American Heart Association Heart Walk in November. This is an amazing Organization and has extensive awareness information about Heart Disease and Stroke. Inspiration 4 Life will be a huge advocate to all types of awareness and partnering up with others to help spread the awareness and education. For more information about this, you can go to You can go to Find a Team and type in Inspiration 4 Life Organization, click on link and it will take you to my web page. This is where you can still donate and join Team Inspiraiton 4 Life! Thank you all and God Bless!

To all my new KSAT 12 Fit for Life friends…Way to go!

I want to wish everyone the best for tomorrows obstacle course and final weigh in. We have all come a long way to get where we are at today! No matter who wins, you are all winners to me! Just going through this Fitness Journey was hard enough and to make sure we make this part of our lives every single day was extrememly challenging. It is awesome to hear that many of us are going to continue our Fitness Journey’s and I am proud of every single one of you!  I plan to have an end of the year event for Inspiration 4 Life and I would like every single one of you to be part of it. The end of the year event will be celebrating Local Heroes of Inspiration for SA! You are all inspirations to me. Through Inspiration 4 Life, we will be doing a lot of guest speaking, free health, fitness and wellness and helping the communities and families of SA, with many of the same journeys we went through and so much more. My Faith is what carried me through this whole journey and our testimonies of hope and inspiration, can help save lives. If you would like to be part of Prject Hope and Inspiration for Inspiration 4 Life, let me know. Once again, let’s all stay in touch and we will always be part of each others lives, till the end of our days. Because we are all now extremely healthy. =) Remember, Fit for Life Contestants 2010….We Are Family! Love you All! Rita

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