I’m Living Testimony!

Depression is no longer part of my life or my vocabulary. I can not stress enough how this KSAT 12 Fit for Life Challenge has changed my life! Going back to the blogs that I have previously posted about, Almost losing it all, yup, I almost did and things just still have not been getting any better, but I stay strong and press foward!

Every week something comes up and I feel as if I should have never entered this contest because things just keep trying to bring me down, but my determination and Faith is what has been getting me through it all!

As of this past weekend, I no longer have a car to get me to where I need to be. Work, train, church, etc. It has been a huge strain on our family, but we are doing the best of what we can. Getting another vehicle or even trying to fix it was going to be way over our budget, so there is nothing we can do for now, but walk or catch the bus.

The best part is, since this contest started in May, it not only changed me physically, but emotionally and mentally. I tell you, it has changed me completely and has made me the strongest I have ever been in my life. I figure, there are so many others in this world going through worse that what we are, but it is how we handle things. I am living testimony of how I no longer will live with depression and how the old Rita would have given up a long time ago, but the new Rita is going to keep on going and living in Faith and know things are always going to be ok, no matter what. Just as long as I have my Faith, my family and my great health, we are going to be great!

There is really no one I can borrow a car from for now, so I walk to my studio in the King William area and back home, from Alamo and Presa to Steves and Hackberry. It is a good long walk. This is a perfect motivator for the START program with the American Heart Association. There are no boundaries to walking.  Hey, I am not going to stop training, so if I have to do things myself sometimes, I will. I am not about to let my Trainer down and tell her I am not doing anything. The walk to and from is great cardio, and I have a weight bench, fitness ball, stepper, resistance bands, kettle bells, jump ropes, free weights, combat punching and blocking equipment, etc. to make her proud and do what I need to do and of course, eating healthy as well.

So my point to all those out there, if I can still make time to live a healthy living, lifestyle and eat healthy on a low budget, make time to workout and do cardio without having a vehicle, and to make time to post blogs for the fact that I have the worst computer, I know you can too! I am living testimony that great things can happen to anyone. You just have to believe and have Faith that you can do anything. I remember telling Melissa the day of the interview, great things like this don’t happen to me, but was I totally wrong. Great things like this KSAT 12 Fit for Life Challenge with Anytime Fitness can and is happing to me!


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  1. Maribel Ochoa
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 03:09:34

    Sister, sister GOD IS GOOD. This trial is just for a little bit Great Things are about to HAPPEN.


    • San Antonio's Inspiration 4 Life
      Jul 26, 2010 @ 03:46:41

      Yes Indeed! Thank you Maribel for believing in me and being part of Inspiration 4 Life. It is group members like you that help keep me inspired to keep things going. You are an amazing woman with vision and I thank you again for all of your Faith in me. There is still so much to be done and even with all these trials that I face, I know I will get through it all. As in Philippians 4:13 All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me! This is one of my favorite scriptures that I live by. Love ya Maribel!


  2. Adam McManus
    Jul 26, 2010 @ 02:40:18


    How long of a walk is it? 2-3 miles?

    Is your car fixed yet?

    When is the first fitness modeling competition? Where will it be held? in San Antonio?

    — Adam, http://talkradioadam.wordpress.com


    • San Antonio's Inspiration 4 Life
      Jul 26, 2010 @ 04:30:50

      Hey Adam, how are you? I’m sure you are doing great! =) Yeah, it’s pretty much a 5k walk from work to home. Of course it was in the middle of the afternoon and extremely hot! It was funny because I kept texting my Trainer Meagan and telling her how hot I was and how I needed water. Lol. It was a great walk.

      The bad news is, I no longer have a car. It completely died on me and too much to fix that I just had it taken out of my hands. It would have been something I could not afford and not worth investing in that car anymore. I basically had a lemon. That was the seventh time in a year and a half, it broke down on me. It’s been very hard and praying very hard for a miracle. I am not letting this situation bring me down, so I continue to do what I can on my own, for now, until some light shines on this situation. We don’t have the huge down payment car dealers ask for for a used car or don’t have the cash up front to buy a used car either, so we just walk and catch the bus for now, or I just stay home, until we can figure things out.

      As far as the Fitness and Figure Competition, I am extremely excited about it! I can’t believe how motivated my Trainer and I are about it. I believe we are going to do our first Show in Austin next year. It is the Texas Shredder Classic. Yes, there are a few here in SA, but I so will not be ready this year to compete for them, so we are making it our goal to compete in 2011. It would be great to get all of our group of Fit for Life Contestants together and go out there on a field trip to cheer me on when I am on stage! We can show everyone our strength and dedication to fitness and how we are also an inspiration to others through our Fitness journey. Hey maybe I can get Dave, from Austin, to give us a shout out, for being a Team of amazing Fit for Lifers! =)

      The most important part about all of this is goal setting and making sure you get things done. Especially when Sponsors are willing to help us out, then we are really committed to do it. So, even after this KSAT 12 Fit for Life Challenge with Anytime Fitness is over, I will continue on my Fitness journey through the blogs, and video documentary, so everyone can continue to follow us and see what it takes to compete and hope to be a Fitness Inspiration for others. I will also be doing some speaking seminars about all this through my Inspiration 4 Life Organization! I am excited where the Lord is taking me in this journey. For now, I am going through a bump on the road, but that is all it is, a bump in the road, and I will get through it. I hope to see you soon Adam. =)


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