Focus One Media Believes in Me!

As the blessings are pouring in from the KSAT 12 Fit for Life Challenge with Anytime Fitness, I now have the confidence to take Inspiration 4 Life, to a whole new level. I have posted a blog about what Inspiration 4 Life is all about and I happy to say, that we include a lot of Health, Fitness and Wellness.

The day I had my interview with Melissa, I remember telling her that this was definitely meant to be because of what my heart was wanting to do, but was at such a smaller scale, that not very many people knew about it. I remember kidding with her about the names. I told her, we need Inspiration 4 Life to be Fit for Life! It was perfect! I was thinking, this is devine appointment for me to be sitting in the chair doing my interview and I was looking around the fitness room and telling myself, this is exactly what I want. I had always worked out of other studios, but my dream was to have my own studio, to be able to do all the things I wanted to do for Inspiration 4 Life! Guess what? Since the interview in May, I now have my own small studio and am in the process of writing a grant for a bigger facility. What I have may be small, but it will do for now until my Big Dream comes true!

Where I am getting with all this, is that there are people out there who see the great things we do and want to help! Well, someone did believe in me! Focus One Media!

Craig Bellinger with Focus One Media, a Christian internet broadcasting Company from San Antonio Tx, your home to watch interviews, stories and Commentaries on Christian events from music to business and more!!

They captured the essence of Inspiration 4 Life and put it livestream on their website to let others know what we are about and how we are serving others and helping out the communities of SA. It would be nice to have blogradio of Inspiration 4 Life, to have callers call in for health, fitness, wellness, faith, inspiration and so much more!

Focus One Media has become a Sponsor of Inspiration 4 Life and they come out to our events and capture our moments with photography and video. They are truely amazing! The interview Focus One Media did for Inspiration 4 Life was amazing! I finally was able to allow myself to be photographed without hiding. Something I have not been able to do in a long time. I have never felt so free and alive, as I did with Focus One Media. I had so much fun during my photoshoot. Focus One Media also took photos of our Community Event we did on July 3rd, called Meet the Neighbors Ministry Project, at the church I attend at Solid Rock Ministries. Inspiration 4 Life gave away free clothes, shoes, toys, furniture and household items to the community and to anyone in need. It was super amazing and a total blessing to all! We have discussed our projects and proud to say, they include health, fitness, wellness, of course faith and  all that Inspiration 4 Life is all about.

After the KSAT 12 Fit for Life Challenge with Anytime Fitness is over, the next goal of my Fitness journey is join my Trainer Meagan and become a Figure Competitor. I plan to continue with the blogs, to keep everyone Inspired and have my journey as a Documentary.

Again, I want to make sure I give everyone credit for all the Blessings that are happing to me in my life right now. My Faith Believing helped me get through the Fit for Life Challenge. Trust me because I almost gave up and lost it all, but I did lay my burdens and worries at Jesus feet and he did the rest for me!


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