Fit for Life Challenge has changed my life forever!

I have never been more confident in myself, in my life, since doing this Fit for Life Challenge. It has totally changed my life! Going back to the posts I have been posting about the weight loss and dropping down in size, is definitely great for me and has pushed me even more to be the best role model I can be for my family and others in SA.

I am going to make sure Inspiration 4 Life is going to include many seminars on Health, Fitness and Wellness for the communities of SA. Especially for those who can not afford. I am getting many Sponsors who are believing in what I am doing and representing for SA and want to help me continue this journey even after this challenge is over.

Inspiration 4 Life will continue to carry on the Message of Fit for Life and what it is all about, all year long, no matter who the winner is! It is all about the education and getting the awareness out to the people of SA. I will also post blogs of the ones who are helping me carry Inspiration 4 Life through and I owe KSAT 12 Fit for Life with Anytime Fitness, for helping me become the person I am today!

 I have broken barriers of my depression and have learned that I can control it with being around positive people, exercising, eating healthy, positive Inspiration, prayer, and believing in myself! It really took me a couple of  weeks to really get into the groove, but guess what, I am now Hooked on Health, Fitness and Wellness for myself. The funny thing is, I do this for others, but never really cared for the importance for myself because I didn’t make time for it. Believe me people, you need to make time!

This is a shirt I created from my Zazzle store. These are the priorties in my life and how I get through because of my Faith and support from my Family to be able to take care of my Fitness needs, and be healthy forever!


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