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Inspiration 4 Life

“Live Life to Your Fullest, Giving Back to Others and Having the Heart of Gold”
Mission Statement 

 Inspiration 4 Life, a community outreach that promotes healthy lifestyle education and resources for the lower income demographics in San Antonio, that struggle with obesity, health issues, low self-esteem, unemployment, homelessness, and the lack of traditional resources contribute to a strong and healthy life as an individual and as a family unit. 




Inspiration 4 Life Organization, is for anyone and all to be part of. It is for any woman, man, teen and child, young and old, that can find this Organization useful to them. We are dedicated to provide inspiration, hope and motivation to all those who seem to have lost their way in life. There are no barriers to the events and issues we will cover to help restore inspiration and hope, for a person or family. It will be through inspirational and motivational seminars on success in life, faith, health issue awareness, fitness boot camps for healthier living, chair massages to relieve stress, nutritional information, nutritional recipes, meetings at different restaurants for fun and fellowship, food tasting, showcases of others talents, guest speakers, fundraisers, clothing drives, feed the homeless, food drives, charity events for the communities, issues on all aspects of life and so much more. These events will all focus on living a happy, positive and a healthy lifestyle. Being happy is part of living a healthy life and I want to help inspire everyone to live a happy and healthy life, even through our daily struggles. We are also here to help motivate and inspire others to accomplish and fulfill ones dreams. To be able to help one speak up for what one believes in and be able to help find the roots and cause of pain and fears one has encountered in their lives and overcome them. Dreams will be accomplished through our Organization because of the inspiration and hope we will instill in ones life. I will get members involved and help out with good causes that will impact San Antonio. This will help build wonderful friendships and make a difference, one person or family at a time. I want to make great memories for everyone and their lives and how they can become a better person for themselves and their families. This Organization will be a great place to meet new friends, share your talents, open new doors and have fun! Be prepared to be inspired and motivated. This may be the moment you have been waiting for to step out in faith, even if it is just having faith in yourself! 
Inspiration 4 Life, will meet once or twice a month depending on the event schedule. If we have enough group members and sponsors, we may be able to meet more times in a month. If it is a free fitness boot camp, we will more than likely meet once a week for 4-6 weeks. This will help keep you on track and may motivate you to sign on to regular boot camp classes that are offered, 2, 3, or 4 times a week, or even regular scheduled Personal Training sessions. We will go over do’s and don’ts of health, fitness and wellness.
 Sponsors for Inspiration 4 Life!
 If there are any sponsors who are willing to be part of Inspiration 4 Life, you can donate to this great cause or become a Partnership Sponsor. Monetary donations are made out to Inspiration 4 Life and can be sent to Attn: Rita Hernandez with Inspiration 4 Life, 628 S. Presa, SA, Texas, 78210. You can also do so through Pay Pal. There is a special tab on the web site for you to post the link to your business and will be displayed for all to see. I will help promote your business through my Facebook account and the web site. This is where you get noticed for your contributions to help others accomplish their dreams and goals through Inspiration 4 Life. In many cases, it will help your business as well. Many of the meetings and seminars can take place at your business and therefore, you too may enjoy the benefits. You can email me a message if you are interested or you can just call me.



Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Rita Hernandez (210)544-4584 or (210)364-5431

Inspiration 4 Life – Founder
 Topics and Events of Inspiration 4 Life


Face to Face Inspiration – This meeting/seminar will help break the ice for all members. We are all to share what our dreams and goals are and what we are going to do, to accomplish them. We will be each other’s inspiration, by meeting face to face.

Project Hope and Inspiration- A video taped documentary with original songs/music, written on the stories submitted on hope and inspiration of ones life and testimony.

Local Heroes of Inspiration – End of the Year event. Gathering of all Members, Sponsors and families of SA.

Time Capsule Goal Setting Event- 4 Levels of Accomplishing Goals

Easter Basket/Easter Egg Collection for the children of the Chaminade Apartments

Women’s Tea Party Luncheon-Making Dreams come true

Meet the Neighbors Ministry Project- free clothes, shoes, toys, etc. giveaway

Uniform Drive

Food Drive

Helping Homeless

Clothes Drive

Success in Life (any subject) It can be on happiness, financial, spiritual, fitness goals, business, hobbies, etc. Mine is Success in Life, God’s way.

What Makes YOU Happy? Sometimes just speaking it, will help you achieve it!

Scriptural Based Seminars – Your Body is Your Temple- These seminars will be held at Solid Rock Ministries.

Many more topics and awareness issues. This is where many of the guest speakers come in to share and educate the group.

Recipes for the Kitchen – Healthy recipes for the holidays, or just because. Getting your children involved in baking, will bring smiles to their faces.

Walking or Running at different parks or other locations in San Antonio.

Free Fitness Boot Camps

Chair Massages

Nutritional Information

Meetings at different restaurants for fun and fellowship

Food tasting, stores with affordable food prices, Healthy Eating on a Budget

Showcasing of others talents

Christian Concert Series

Guest Speakers

Supportive Environment

Research on affordable places to shop and how to spend money wisely

And more to come



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