Team Rita/Inspiration 4 Life is ready for the Community Challenge to help raise money for the American Heart Association!

Hi there everyone! It is now that time for the Community Challenge for the KSAT 12  Fit for Life with Anytime Fitness. Team Rita-Inspiration 4 Life, is going to need your help in raising funds for the American Heart Association and also going to have a Team for the Heart Walk in November.

I am very excited about this challenge because the awareness is extremely vital and we need to let everyone know, how we all can be affected with Heart Disease. I just found out today that my Uncle had a Heart Attack and a dear friend had a stroke. This all happened after just having our meeting yesterday and being educated about Heart Disease with Guest Speaker, Cynthia Beverly, from the American Heart Association.

My family has history of Heart Disease. My Great Grandpa, Grandpa and two uncles have passed away of Heart Disease. There is also family history of High Cholesterol and now the news I received today about my Uncle and dear friend, just made me a Huge Advocate for the Awareness of Heart Disease. The Education is what needs to be out there to help save lives.

You can go to and go to Join a Team, and find Inspiration 4 Life Organization (Fit for Life Contestant) You can donate there or also join my Team and Walk for a Great Cause! We can help spread the awareness all throughout SA and across the World!

I have taken my small group of amazing people and now I am taking it to a whole new level for SA! Since this whole Fit for Life Challenge, I now have the greatest confidence to take Inspiration 4 Life to be the Inspiration San Antonio needs for issues dealing with Awareness and Education on health, fitness and wellness as well as the other amazing things we do for SA!

I will share more in detail what Inspiration 4 Life is all about because our Mission Statement says it all when it comes to helping those lack the resources in health, fitness and wellness. Stay tuned!


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  1. Maribel Ochoa
    Jul 14, 2010 @ 23:36:52

    Will be there to support and I help in any way I can.


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