Help! I Need a new wardrobe! I have hit a Milestone!

Help! I need a new wardrobe!  Most of my clothes are starting to fit me big. It’s ok, I’m not in a hurry yet to get a new wardrobe because I know I am just half way where I want to be. My weigh in was at 167 and I weighed myself yesterday and I weighed 151!  This makes it 16lbs lost so far and inches are being dropped left and right!

The last fancy dress I wore was to the Claim Your Fame, Talent Contest I did on stage last year and believe it or not, the dress was size 14! I still have the dress, but don’t think I will ever be wearing it again. 

As I can remember, my weight, right after I had my Jasmine 6 years ago was at 190. So, the weight I basically lost was baby fat, but still was pretty heavy for myself. When I met my Husband almost 10 years ago, I weighed 123. He started taking me out to eat all the time and introduced me to everyday breakfast tacos! But it tasted so good and the company was great.

I realize now that I can no longer eat unhealthy because it will catch up to me. Like I said, I have hit a Milestone! This is the most weight I have lost in a long time. Pretty much over 6 years! Once I go under 150, I will have a party for myself! Lol!

The other day, I had to buy a pair of pants and I had no clue what size I would need, so I grabbed several pair of pants. I tried on the size 10 and they were too big, the size 8 were just a little loose and the size 6 were just right. Well, just in two weeks, now the size 6 pants are fitting  just a little loose. Of course, we women can’t get too excited because sometimes it depends on the brand of pants and some pants run differently in sizes.

My Trainer Meagan had given me an awesome pair of pants that were fitted and they were a Perfect size 8!

I am just happy to be going down in size and finally feel comfortable in the clothes I wear. I no longer have to wear my sweater in the summer, just to cover up what I didn’t want anyone to see.

It feels great to finally be Fit for Life with this amazing KSAT 12 Challenge with Anytime Fitness! It has totally changed my Life forever!

Thank You Melissa and Bruce with KSAT 12, Doug with Dezavala Anytime Fitness and my Trainer Meagan! Love you all!


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