Absolute Strength

Saturday May 29, 2009
7 Keto supplements, Lean out supplement, power pack vitamins, and vanilla protein shake (change it up a little on the flavors)  Today I woke up a little sore and extremely tired from the HIIT training and the late massages I did, last night.  I plan to take it easy today with the workout because I plan to go back tonight for another round of massages. Whoa!  Should I say workout for my arms. Lol. I CAN DO IT!

Breakfast: turkey bacon in egg omelet with fat free cheese, coffee  with fat free creamer and splenda
Snack: almonds and bottled water
Lunch: healthy choice chicken and rice soup with diet green tea
Snack: rice cake
Dinner: baked tilapia with side salad and fat free ranch with diet green tea

Fun Fact About Myself:
I have been blessed with a wonderful Husband who is an amazing cook! He also works in the Food and Nutrition Industry. I get the best of both worlds. Yay! So, coming up with healthy, nutritious, great tasting meals, other than the ones my Trainer Meagan gives me, I don’t think I will ever have that problem again. =) Eating healthy and coming up with great tasting meals has become a family thing now because it is fun coming up with new meals for the week.

Words of Advice: When you go grocery shopping, take a list of what you are going to make for the whole week. Most of what you get will last you the entire week. For example, we shop on a budget, so we will get two packs of turkey meat and a pack of fat free cheese and a loaf of wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes, bag of baked chips and mustard. This will last for about a week  or so, depending if you change it up and is ok to make this your lunch for the week. You can always change it up every week. This saves you from eating out everyday and spending so much money. I loved it when  I picked up my daughter from school, she would tell me, “Mom are we going straight home, so that I can make a healthy sandwich”, instead of, “can we get McDonalds”

Fitness Lingo: Absolute Strength-The maximum amount a person can lift in one repetition.

Scripture 4 Life: Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.


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