The Barriers Are Broken…

Wednesday May 26, 2010

Start AM with 7 Keto supplements, Lean out supplement, power pack vitamins, and chocolate protein shake. I always do this first thing in the morning because I know I will be doing some sort of workout for the morning. So, I always take 1 Lean out before every workout and one before every complete meal. This day I was extremely excited to do my workout because I feel the difference now and notice that I am not losing my breath or having any asthma issues while doing my cardio. I am on level 3 on the incline on the machines and about 3.6 on the highest speed. I promise you and myself that it will get better.

This day I did 35 minutes on the stair climber and worked on biceps and back. Ha, ha, we are now trying to do small clips of our workouts and stuff for the video blog and one point I said, “I just got done with my backs and bicep.” Bear with us on our video clips, we are having fun, but the best part is to show you the real me, unplugged and in action and give you the real experience of what it takes to be on the Fit For Life Journey with Anytime Fitness. Wow, sometimes I don’t have my make-up on and I can now embrace how the Lord created me to be! The old me would have never dare to be put on camera, let alone for ANYONE to see, but not anymore. Those barriers are now broken and I can embrace life and myself as the Lord sees it fit for me.

Breakfast: Turkey Bacon, egg white, on wheat bread, nonfat chai tea (chai tea bag and add 2% fat free milk Snack: strawberry kiwi post workout shake

Lunch: chicken breast sandwich on thin wheat bun with mustard and fat free cheddar cheese. Scoop of bean dip and a few baked chips and a diet Root Beer

Snack: Sugar Free popsicle

Dinner: Lean Meat Patty with mustard, side of corn and side salad with fat free ranch and unsweet tea with splenda.

Fun Facts about myself

I always try to do something active everyday, regardless if it is a general activity day or exercise day. I usually go to Woodlawn Lake and walk for about 1.33 or 2.66 miles (that is about 2 times around the whole lake/park area) or I go to another of my favorite places and walk the King William River area. I consider that a general activity because it is not so intense.  Trust me people, if I could be running, I would but because of my asthma, I am still building the endurance and lung strength to get me going and go for longer miles so that I can actually start running. Now, I have no excuse to finally do all this through the Fit for Life Challenge with Anytime Fitness.  I was an All-Star Track & Field Athlete back in Middle School and in every sport. So running and being an Athlete was a huge part of my life and my past time, to keep me happy and my escape from all the mean things that were being said and done to me. I may have started off slow, but my endurance on my cardio is increasing and believe it or not, I have not had one asthma attack or shortness of breath, since this whole Fit for Life Challenge has started! Thank You Jesus! Again, this Challenge is saving and changing my life forever! I know by the time the Fit for Life Challenge is over, I will be joining the rest of SA for the Rock and Roll Marathon! Ok, of course I will start off with the half-marathon. =)

Words of Advice

Many people now a days, need motivation, inspiration and support to stick to pretty much  any type of program. A good recommendation, if you can’t afford a Trainer is to workout with  family members, friends or coworkers, as a group to make things fun and find activities that you all love and enjoy doing. You sure can make exercising fun! Getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle is surely on top of my list for my life!

Fitness Lingo: Body Image-The mental presentation a person holds about his or her body at any given moment time.


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