TV Distracted Me!!

Monday May 24, 2010
Start AM with 7 Keto supplements, Lean out supplement, power pack vitamins, and  chocolate protein shake.  I always do this first thing in the morning because I know I will be doing some sort of workout for the morning. So, I always take 1 Lean out before every workout and one before every complete meal. This day  I did my warm up on elliptical, main workouts which will be provided by my Trainer and 50 minute cardio on treadmill (I was supposed to only do 35 minutes but…I dont have television at home and Wife Swap was super interesting and I got caught up in the drama and forgot what time it was!).

Breakfast: Fiber one Bar and cup of coffee with fat free creamer and splenda
Snack: strawberry-kiwi post workout shake
Lunch: turkey 6inch sub sandwich on wheat bread, spinach leaves, tomatoes and black olives, baked chips and diet coke.
Snack: 12 almonds, 5 pieces of baby carrots and bottled water
Dinner: Lean Steak,  sweet potato, small side salad with organic ranch dressing, glass of iced water w/lemon  and low fat pudding

FUN FACTS about myself:

I know my purpose in life is to serve my Jesus and be a positive role model in every way possible. I serve the Lord in many ministries that God has called me to do. When I attended Cornerstone Church, I served in a church choir as a Second Soprano, and in a group called MOPS- Mothers of Preschoolers in 2006. I served in The Praise and Worship Team (Worship Choir) and a group of wonderful women called The Powerful Women of God. We did many Ministry works, in the name of the Lord. I also attended “School of Leaders” and received and “A” for all of my hard work. I love to write music and sing for the Lord. I have also done some back up singing on a Christian CD in 2006.
I also have many hidden talents that I will share with you because I see it as “Inspiration”  for others. I hope to inspire anyone who wants to overcome stage fright, migraines, asthma, problems with losing weight, and many more things. Getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle is now on top of my list because of my health problems.
I am also inspired to write a book  called, “Inspiration 4 Life” and it will have all the memoirs of this Fit for Life Journey and will show you, how to overcome many trials in your life. If I can do this, so can you!

Words of Advice:

I carry extra bottled waters. In these important times, at room temperature works pretty good to me. I also carry a box of Crystal Light, so that I can also change up my drinks from  time to time. (You can buy a box for $2 and can last you  for about a week or two)


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