The New Format…

The Run Down:

Start AM with 7 Keto supplements, Lean out supplement, power pack vitamins, and  chocolate protein shake.  I always do this first thing in the morning because I know I will be doing some sort of workout for the morning. So, I always take 1 Lean out before every workout and one before every complete meal. This is my day at home, so I inspire myself, to continue with my workouts in any way possible. Since Zumba is my thing, I put on my own CD mix and dance the hour away! Yes, it does make you sweat!  I have my water throughout the whole day.

Breakfast: Turkey Bacon, eggs, fat free cheese on  100 calorie multi grain thin buns, coffee w/fat free creamer and splenda
Snack: peanut butter and sugar free jelly on 1 slice of wheat bread ½ cup of  2% fat free milk
Lunch: Turkey breast sandwich on whole wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, mustard and 1 cup snap peas with unsweet tea w/splenda
Snack: snack size back of baked chips w/ bean dip and bottled water filled with lemonade crystal light
Dinner: Chicken and spinach  mixed with wheat pasta, sliced oranges and diet Dr. Pepper

FUN FACTS about myself:

Fun Facts about myself. I love reading my Bible, singing praise and worship music, writing music, drawing, sketching, painting with acrylic on canvas, photography, educating on healthy living and healthy lifestyles, and I love to spend time with my Husband Blas and my two daughters, Amanda and Jasmine. I can also play the flute, piccolo and oboe. I also really enjoy karaoke. One day, I do plan on running a Marathon. I have asthma and allergies, and “In The Name of Jesus” will be gone and I will be able to do the many things that I am held back from doing. The Lord knows the desires of my heart and I know his promises to me, will be done. I really make time to go for a run at my favorite spot. Down by the river in the King William area. I also like to run at Woodlawn lake.

Words of Advice:

I use a huge recycled bag to carry my stuff in and take it with me EVERY where I go! You can also carry a big lunch box if you need to keep things cool!


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