Sunday Fun-day!

Sunday May 23, 2010
Start AM with 7 Keto supplements, power pack vitamins, and  chocolate protein shake.  I have my water throughout the whole day.  (no workout for today) I will only be taking my Lean Out supplement after my complete meals today.

Breakfast: plain oatmeal with splenda and blue berries with cup of coffee, fat free creamer and splenda
Snack: fresh strawberries and bottled water
Lunch: Baked potato with light butter, mixed baby corn blend veggies and salad, unsweet tea with splenda
Snack: vanilla protein shake

Dinner: Chicken veggie kabobs and steamed broccoli and glass of iced water with lemon.

FUN FACTS about myself:

I worked at Christus Santa Rosa since my internship in 1996 till 2001. I was also a Substitute Teacher for the SAISD from 1996-2008. It was in 2005, that I graduated from Massage Therapy School and have my own business. I do in home, office and corporate Massage Therapy. I have traveled all throughout Texas, to meet the needs of my clients. I have been blessed to work and assist with Athletes of all types. I was an Assistant to MTC and helped with the WNBA Silver Stars in 2006, PGA tour San Antonio and Senior PGA Tour Championship Tour in San Antonio in 2006-2007, the MS150 Bike Tour in Corpus Christi 2006-2007, MS 150 in New Braunfels in 2009 and volunteered for the MS5k walk/run in 2005. I have also donated many free massages to different charities and events in SA. I have also helped with the NPC and IFBB bodybuilding show in 2006 and 2007. This is not something that I just thought of doing. I always knew that “when I grow up” I was going to be in this field. I really love to help people and to help them accomplish their goals in life. Or just to “save a life”. I have had many things stop me from going back to college since high school, but let me tell you people, it’s never too late to accomplish your dreams.

Words of Advice:

I carry a pack of almonds, so in between meals, for a healthy snack and avoid stopping for junk food,  I have about 12 almonds.  Of course I switch around my snacks, so that I will not get bored of them. =)


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