Heatin’ it up with Zumba!

Tuesday May 25, 2010
Start AM with 7 Keto supplements, Lean out supplement, power pack vitamins, and  chocolate protein shake.  I always do this first thing in the morning because I know I will be doing some sort of workout for the morning. So, I always take 1 Lean out before every workout and one before every complete meal. This is my day at home, so I inspire myself, to continue with my workouts in any way possible. Again for this morning, I will do my Zumba for my cardio. Since I have a fitness ball at home, I also work on my weak areas and that are my abs. Since today I do not have my vehicle, I walk to my daughters school to pick her up. Since it takes 15 to go and 15 to come back, I did 30 minutes of my afternoon walking. It was great!  I have my water throughout the whole day.

Breakfast: 1 Egg omelet, ½ cup of plain  fage yogurt mixed w/splenda, and cup of orange juice
Snack: peanut butter and sugar free jelly on 1 slice of wheat bread ½ cup of  2% fat free milk
Lunch: 1 cup vegetable chicken and rice soup,  and ½ cup oranges
Snack: Fruit Fusion-Sugar Free popsicle
Dinner: Fajita meat on corn tortilla with slices of avocado, diet Root Beer (wow, it taste really great!)

FUN FACTS about myself:

I am also an artist and I paint with acrylics on canvas. I have displayed some artwork in town; mainly in the King William area. I have sold some paintings here and there and have traded paintings with other great artist. I also have fun with Digital Photography. I love to capture the beauty that the Lord has blessed us with in our world. I have also been blessed to have sold many of my Photography. I REALLY LOVE to sing and write my own music. I am now in the Praise and Worship Band at Solid Rock Ministries, with my Pastor. We are Malachi  My Messenger. The Lord knows the desires of my heart and he has given me the courage to help me with my stage fright and sing some lead songs/back-up vocals and still able to play my flute, to many of my favorite Christian songs.

Words of Advice:

Extra’s: shaker, protein powders, supplements, box of splenda, cans of tuna, spoon, fork and can opener.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shannonisfit
    May 27, 2010 @ 16:27:21

    I love the new format!! What a great idea to add in something about yourself into each blog and some words of advice!! Thanks!


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