Catching Up! Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finally started on my vitamin pack from Beverly International, Lean Muscle before every meal, 7 Keto and Chocolate Protein shake for the morning. This day I was not feeling myself because of the things I had been going though in real life the past couple of days and still trying to get used to all the supplements and the soreness from my workouts. So, I was a grump and didn’t have a good attitude this day. Something I will reflect on and need to do away with because this is big deal to my Trainer and I need to make her Proud! Let’s change the bad attitude Rita! Warm up on treadmill, arm day and cardio, followed by post workout shake.

Breakfast: Fage yogurt with splenda and cup of fruit
Snack: orange slices
Lunch: tuna with brown rice and lemonade crystal light
Dinner: grilled chicken breast with grilled veggies and glass of water


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